The workshop of Anna Gordeeva
Шеф-кондитер студии CakeBomb
The bakery trend of 2021 year - sliced cakes sets. Detailed information on how to cook and sell desserts
Free online workshop
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What are modern sliced cakes made of?
How to create wonderful sets and cakes from them?
How to stand out among other pastry chefs in your city?
Why doesn't every recipe work and how to choose the most profitable one?
This workshop will be beneficial to you if:
You like to cook desserts at home
and you are searching for new and exciting recipes
You are a beginner pastry chef
and you want to earn money from your hobby
You are a caring mother and capable housewife
And you like to treat your family and guests
You want to stand out
among other pastry chefs and to increase your professionalism
Every pastry chef wants:
To always to have fresh desserts and sell them on demand
To stand out among competitors, who cook usual cakes, cupcakes and mousse cakes
To be prepared for urgent orders from your clients
To create a complex dessert lineup, which everyone will like
To cook desserts which do not require additional decoration
To have workpieces with a long shelf life
To have more time for your family without loosing earnings
The results of the participants of previous workshops
Ekaterina Brumer
I made them, and at the same time my husband enjoyed the taste of that "sacrificial" piece!

To be honest, I didn't expect at all that such an extraordinary taste would be and that there wouldn't be the taste of the butter! In general, I have no words, now only positive emotions☺️

My husband also said, and he is a real critic, but a lover of nuts: "I would eat them every morning with a cup of coffee …"
Anya, firstly I watched your workshop. It all started with it! That's great!!! It feels like I finished the pastry courses in an hour! You are brilliant! Then I bought the paid version, I needed more information and to find out some questions, which I would have been digging for a long time, losing a lot of time and effort.

I love when all the information is at hand, I also make notes, there is a lot of interesting and new information, I didn't even think it would be so exciting. The girls correctly noticed that the cakes are all of exquisite tastes❤️
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Доход после: от 120 тыс. руб.
The cakes which are made after the course
The cakes which are made after the course
The author and the speaker of the workshop
Use experience of successful pastry chef to make your business with less costs and mistakes
I have gone from home pastry chef to the owner of the pastry studio "Cake Bomb" in Chelyabinsk
Anna Gordeeva
I did more than 5 000 cakes and 15 000 cakes to order
I am an expert of the school of pastry art "I`ll be the pastry chef" and a speaker of offline workshops
I taught more than 3 000 students within offline and online workshops in different cities and countries : Germany, the USA, Canada, Tenerife, Mauritius, Moscow, Sochi, Novyi Urengoy, Saint Petersburg, Yakutsk
I was taught by the world-class chefs:
Vera Nikandrova, Olga Van-Jung, Hans Ovando, Saba Janjgava
I'm married and I'm mother of 2 children
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